Kenya - June 25

We're fresh back from Subukia and the lands north.  It was a long day of driving but well worth the trouble. 

We left our hostel this morning about 8:30 headed for Gilgil and Subukia.  The first two pictures here are of the church in Gilgil.  Pastor Cosmos and me pictured.  They are leading a school there behind the blue wall.  The 160 children there greeted us like we were the Beatles.  Humbling doesn't begin to cover it.  I was overwhelmed at how much they were doing in this town that has so very little going for it.  The children are excited and eager to learn and I'm glad we can share - even just a little - with them in this exciting work.  Please join me in praying for Pastor Cosmos, his family and the work of Visions of Glory Church in Gilgil. 

Next, we went to Subukia.  If I were my dad, I would say we were "out in the sticks."  Go to where th road ends, turn left and keep going!  That's what it felt like.  I didn't see a placard with the name of the…

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