Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iron men!

Proverbs 27:17 - "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
That's the idea behind CBC's new men's ministry we're calling "Iron Men." As men, we've been taught we don't need anyone. It's a lie! As men we've been taught not to rely on anyone. It's a lie! As men, we've been told we can stand forever on our own. It's a lie! It's a frightening thing to consider how many men are confused about what manhood means. Our hope is that we can work that ought together under the banner of Christ. We're launching our new ministry on Sunday night, Nov 8 doing something most of us would do anyway - eat and watch the Cowboys play football! They're playing the Eagles that night on NBC. Although it wasn't my idea, I heartily endorsed it! We'll meet in the Fishin' Hole (the Youth Building). If you're not a Cowboy fan, you can play pool, ping-pong or foosball. Anyway you stack it, it's a great way to spend the evening. Join us that night as we lay the groundwork for the future of Iron Men. We've got the annual "Beast Feast" planned for early February with a special guest speaker scheduled for that! For now, however, plan to be with us on Nov 8 in the Fishin Hole after the evening worship service.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday nights

I love going to church on Wednesdays! If you've never been (or can't get here), let me tell you about it. Our format on Wednesdays is decidedly casual. We meet in the chapel. We'll pray for the needs on the prayer list and then discuss whatever our topic is for the night. Whereas on Sundays it's much more formal and lecture-type, Wednesdays are much more free-flowing and gentle. Coming on Wednesdays is something I've always done as a means of "topping off the tank" between Sundays. Even as a pastor, however, I find I still need that fellowship and love that you can only find when the church meets together. Put it down - Wednesday nights are cool!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday reflections

My bad - I know it's been two weeks since I've been here. Let's just say the Lord has blessed my life with many opportunities for serving Him!
- Welcome John and Kelly Sandoval, our newest CBC members! We're thrilled the Lord has brought you here! We'll get you into a small group and connect you with the right people to make sure CBC really is home for you like it has become for us!
- I did Jacksonville College chapel this morning. It was rainy. It was early. It was miserable! Except inside! :-) Thanks to Tam Clark, dean at JC, and Sheryl Hanna, asst. choral director at JC, and the wonderful student body, it was a great way to begin the week.
- A sad "see you later" is in store for us this week. Tim Zednick, our technical director at CBC, is leaving us this week. Sunday is his last day with us. We'll honor him appropriately Sunday. Please pray for him as he begins this transition. He'll be moving to First Baptist Church in Lewisville to serve with Kelvin Reed, former CBC music pastor.
- HarvestFest is this Saturday! From 1-4 pm on Saturday, our FLC and parking lots will be full of fun stuff! Make plans to be a part of it.
- This Sunday evening, Dr. Harold Rawlings will join us again, sharing with us about the history of the English Bible. He's bringing with him a personal collection of English Bibles - trust me that you won't want to miss it!
- A special thanks to Kim and Kenny Dyess, some of our second newest CBC members. They joined us last week. They hosted a party Saturday night for the Adult 1 Class - it was awesome! I'm still not sure what was in that chili, but I liked it!
- A shout-out to our Jax High School Indian football team. I've been to a lot of high school games in my time, but that one Friday was one of the BEST! 56-55 win in overtime! Kudos to Coach Wells for pulling the trigger on going for two to win. I was up till 1 AM trying to slow the adrenaline rush!
- CBC family, I sure hope you like having Julie and I serve here. Why? Cause if we EVER get this house in Frankston sold, it'll be a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time till we sell one again! I HATE negotiating the sale of a house! It's a little like Sumo Wrestling - the only difference is you're clothed!

Monday, October 12, 2009

See you on the other side, David

For those who weren't here yesterday morning, I asked for prayer for our friends the Edwards family and the family of First Baptist Church in Corsicana. Dr. David Edwards, pastor of FBC, was tragically killed in a two-vehicle accident near Hubbard. (Here's a link to the full story). David lived a full life and leaves behind a powerful legacy of God's faithfulness, compassion and vision for reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is survived by his wife, Lyndy, three children and a loving church.
David came to Corsicana in 2006, just about the same time I was finishing PhD work. The Lord's timing was impeccable. I thought I was headed for teaching, but in David, I found a man with equal credentials (he earned a PhD as well) who was serving the people of God by pastoring. In many ways, his influence in my life became a turning point. I had never really considered pastoring as a vocation until that point. He spoke of changed lives, altered destinies and impacted communities, all through the work of pastoring. I began to see in David the man God might make in me. It was his zeal for loving people that spoke to me most. I met with David often and spoke via telephone even more. His guidance and leadership in my life helped me realize God had indeed called me to pastor. He was one who helped me when FBC Frankston came to call and then again when Central came as well.
David and Lyndy came to Jacksonville several weeks ago for the Jacksonville High-Corsicana High football game. We sat at Lupe's Mexican Food across from the Tomato Bowl and talked about our love for our churches, our wives and our Lord. I didn't know it would be the last time we would share fellowship together. If I had, maybe I linger a little longer with David before we got up to go to the game. Maybe I tell him how much influence he's had on my life. Maybe I say thanks for his example of godly passionate leadership. The good news is we'll share fellowship again. The next time, there's no event that will end it. See you on the other side, dear friend.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Morning Reflections

We begin, as I always like to, with a hearty welcome to our newest members! Welcome Lex Ticer, Jack and Melinda Lewis and the Ansley family! We're thrilled the Lord has brought each of you to be a part of our fellowship! We're going to welcome you to Central by saying what we always say: "Welcome HOME!"

- Our first of two Deacon messages - "Deacons and why they deac!" - was a blessing for me as I got ready for yesterday. You won't want to miss this Sunday. We've got a skit to emphasize how a deacon is supposed to look and act (assuming we can get all of our actors well!).

- Sunday School is a GREAT way to get to know people at Central! If you're new to us or are planning to visit, plan to come to to Sunday School. Remember - the church is the church only when there are people inside her walls! The people ARE the Church!

- It's true we were down yesterday with the heavy rain we had. But it's amazing to me what people will get out in the rain for if they choose to! We need PASSIONATE PEOPLE excited about following a PASSIONATE GOD! Anything less is not worthy of our Savior!

- Please continue to pray for the Traylor family. We laid Judy to rest yesterday in the rain. Bro. Hank and Bro. Randy did a fine job officiating the service. Pray for husband Paul, sons, Steven and Kelly, daughter Misty and Judy's grandkids. No matter how long you have to prepare for someone's departure, you're never really ready. We can be grateful she is at home with Lord today. A special word of thanks to the Adult 1 class who provided the meal for the Traylor's last night.

- Our prayers have been requested for Mary Bishop of Jacksonville. She's due to have cancer surgery today. She's already had a couple of rounds of chemo and is still fighting! Pray for her healing.