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Update on Myron Rolle

Some of you asked me what happened to the guy I referenced a few weeks ago in "A role model we need!" Here's the skinny - Myron Rolle was named a Rhodes Scholar on Nov 22. He is set for a three year scholarship to Oxford University beginning this next May (here's a link to a blow-by-blow account of the day - well worth your time, I assure you). Furthermore, his team plays highly ranked Florida today. Maybe he'll win the game, but he's already won. Here's to finding more men like this one.

Thanksgiving Message this week - the intro

As readers of my mad ramblings, you deserve some gratitude. I know many of my readers don't get to come on Sundays. You use this site to keep up with us. This Sunday, I'll be doing a Thanksgiving message discussing how many times we're not ungrateful on purpose but rather just because we're busy. So busy, in fact, that many times we miss the beauty God puts before us. Sometimes, in our rush to be busy in God's kingdom, we miss it! Our video, seen below, reflects that.
World-renowned violinist Joshua Bell took part in a social experiment. If he dressed as a street performer, took out his instrument and played in the atrium of a busy subway station, what would happen? Would people stop to listen? Would the beauty of his music draw a crowd? The incident was captured on video - watch it a couple of times. The thing you'll notice is that few if any even took notice. Almost 1,100 people passed him in the 45 minutes he played. Most were so consumed with t…

What you can do Pt II

I had the opportunity to visit with Frankston PD Officer Jason Ward this week. You'll be pleased to know Jason is in good spirits and is scheduled for surgery to take place on Friday. He's doing well although he's still in ICU. Please continue to pray for Jason, his wife Leslie and their two children.
Here's where you come in. This Sunday, we'll be partnering with the churches across our area in taking up a love offering for Jason. This Sunday and the Sunday to follow will be your two opportunities to give a love offering for Jason and his family. Yes, they have insurance and yes, it will cover his medical costs, but there are things not covered like holiday things and school clothes, incidentals of the sort you and I give no thought to - we just do it. Prayerfully consider making a contribution to the fund for Jason. If you want to make a gift but you can't get here either of the next two Sundays, call the First State Bank of Frankston (903-876-2212) a…

What you can do

I've had the opportunity today to visit with Frankston Mayor James Gouger about the well-being of Officer Jason Ward (for those who aren't already familiar with the incident on Thursday of last week, here's a link to the whole story). He informed me Officer Ward's family needs some help - quickly.

Officer Ward and his family have worked here only a short time, essentially just since school started. Their 6 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son are in school, but need additional clothing immediately. At the church office and at City Hall, you can obtain the children's sizes and needs - please call to assist with this pressing mater.

Not a clothing purchaser? With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us and the likelihood Officer Ward will not be coming back to work anytime soon (although he will be moved to a private room soon), they also need some financial assistance. Our own First State Bank of Frankston has set up an assistance fund for Officer Ward and hi…

This is the kind of roll model we NEED!

Perhaps you've never heard of Florida State University's football starting cornerback Myron Rolle - but I bet you've heard of the Rhodes Scholar program. Mr Rolle is up for the scholarship - literally, a once in a lifetime opportunity - but it's on the same day as his football team plays against the University of Maryland. Normally, at least nowadays, the football player would skip the interview and forgoe his opportunity. Not Myron. He's chosen to try for the scholarship and I say good for him! Even his head coach, Bobby Bowden, and his teammates are all for him. The NCAA is still trying to decide if they'll allow the university to charter him a flight to get to the game, but it doesn't really matter - he's already chosen well, win or lose. Link to the full story.

FHS vs Elkhart - Final game of Season

I'm proud of our team - our guys tried hard and gave a solid effort, winning the game against Elkhart. Although we didn't make the playoffs, I'm still quite proud of how our boys played. Here's the last regular highlight reel. We'll do an end of season one later.

Under the heading "Morons on Parade."

Perhaps you've seen the ad campaign beginning in the D.C. area soon - "Why believe in a god?" Their emphasis is to help people who don't believe in any god to feel better at Christmas time.

Fred Edwords, spokesman for the humanist group putting out the ads says this: "Our reason for doing it during the holidays is there are an awful lot of agnostics, atheists and other types of non-theists who feel a little alone during the holidays because of its association with traditional religion."Link to the full story at

HELLO! CHRISTMAS EXISTS BECAUSE OF CHRIST! I can't help it if some feel left out, but they're welcome to come in from their agnostic viewpoint. There's no reason for them to feel alone. If their viewpoint brings them grief or sadness, then why not abandon it for something that doesn't break their heart.

This is what you can expect when we allow others to define (or in this case, re-define) a holiday, event or tradition…

In Honor of our Veterans

Since I was quite young, I've had a fascination with the military. Perhaps its because my father was an US Army Drill Sergeant when I was born and a Vietnam Vet. My dad was in the US Army and served in post-war Germany in the 1950's. My grandfather was a member of the US Army Air Corp in WWII. I've got a cousin in the Navy and another cousin in the Marines.
I was taught a perspective that sees the power of our veterans service, a respect that runs deep within me for their hard work and sacrifice. With that in mind, I offer you a pair of links on this Veterans Day.
The first link features the Gray Eagles Foundation. A group of P-51 fighter pilots from WWII who are refurbishing some of the P-51s they used to fly. The link I'm providing is specifically about a grandfather fighter pilot. His grandson was a part of the group to renovate the grandfather's P-51. Wonderful story.
The second link I'm providing is the story of an infantryman from B…

Football Season is over

Our beloved FHS Indians won last Friday night over the visiting Elkhart Elks by a score of 28-10 but it didn't matter. We needed Troup to lose to gain access to the playoffs and they won pushing us out. While we're saddened to not get to keep playing, we're pleased at the season we had. Now, we turn our attention to basketball! Here's a warmup of NBA bloopers to get you in the mood!

Pray for President-Elect Obama

Romans 13:1b says this: "The authorities that exist have been established by God." Later in the same chapter, verse 7, it reads this way "Give everyone what you him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes. If revenue, then revenue. If respect, then respect. If honor, then honor." Clearly, the Apostle Paul was fully convicted about the role of government in his life and his response to it. Such words might be surprising when you consider Paul lived during the reign of the Roman dictator Nero - an man of insanity by every account. Yet Paul stands by his statements that all authorities are established by God. Those words still apply today.
Perhaps you voted for President-Elect Obama. Pray for him fervently as he prepares for the first steps of his historic presidency. Pray for his protection and for his family. Pray for God to bless him with wisdom far beyond his years.
Perhaps you voted for Senator McCain. Pray for him as he returns to the Senate. But I admonish yo…

FHS vs Garrison

FHS Indians 48, Garrision Bulldogs 35. Here's this week's installment on the FHS Football Highlight Reel. Our boys played well and it showed! Now comes the biggest game of the year. Friday night's game at home against visiting Elkhart will determine what happens next for us. If we win (and a series of other things come together), we'll advance to the playoffs. If we lose, our season is over. Come out and join in supporting our boys this Friday at Austin Stadium at 7:30 PM. In the meantime, enjoy the highlights from last week. (BTW, for those of who aren't a part of FHS Football, please ignore the last few words!).