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Out of my comfort zone

This past Sunday was a different kind of Sunday than most any I've known.  The early service was pretty much normal.  But the later one. . . .well, that was different.  Let's go back and talk about why. 
Several months ago, we negotiated with Matthew West's management to have him here at FBC Midland on the morning after he appeared at Rock the Desert the night before.  We envisioned it to be a cap to a fantastic weekend and a chance to worship with our friends who were with us from across the area and across the state.  One element about it that came in late was the idea of adding an interview with Matthew on stage.  I volunteered for the job, but not because I considered myself fully qualified for it or because I have a lot of experience in it.  Truthfully, I felt like I needed to do it out of obedience to the Lord's call as pastor here.  I wasn't about to give that role away. . . .even if I wasn't terribly comfortable doing it.  Put me before a crowd - regardl…