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To my new FBC Family

Grace and Peace to my new FBC family!  I'm humbled to be your new pastor and I eagerly look forward to transitioning to in your fine church!  You have big shoes to fill - serving at Central has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.  They've loved us and walked with us through some wonderful, difficult and just plain weird times.  We'll never outrun the mark they left on our lives. Thanks for allowing us this time to leave well.

That said, we're humbled by your overwhelming vote to call us.  (The picture attached here is one Jim Cawthon took last week on Sunday night.)  Wow!  We were so blessed by your kindness and grace when we were there last week.  We have been so blessed by the kind notes of welcome and encouragement we've received this week.  Thanks for all of your hospitality and thanks in advance for the wonderful journey we will share.
Via email, I talked with your former pastor Dr. Jim Denison this week.  He told me "FBC is an exceptionally …

To my beloved CBC family

Despite my best efforts to keep this until Sunday, the news has leaked out of the new calling on our lives.  Julie, Joshua and I are leaving.  Last Sunday, we went in view of a call as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Midland, TX.  With a unanimous vote, they called us and we've accepted.  After consultation with our personnel committee and deacon leadership, we've set our final Sunday here as January 24.

I want to dispel the notion that Julie and I are leaving because of any particular situation or because we're upset.  Quite the opposite.  I'm more confident now about the direction of CBC than since I came here.  No, we don't feel badly about CBC.  Nor is our choice linked to the "bigger is better" idea.  Instead, it's rooted in what I believe is the calling of the Spirit of God, just like it was when we came here.  I operate on the idea of being called TO, not called FROM.  Our departure is rooted in the firm conviction that we're no…

A Reading plan to get through the New Testament in a month

Reading Plan
1. Matthew 1-10 2. Matthew 11-20 3. Mattthew 21-Mark 2 4. Mark 3-12 5. Mark 13-Luke 6 6. Luke 7-16 7. Luke 17-John 2 8. John 3-12 9. John 13-Acts 2 10. Acts 3-12 11. Acts 13-22 12. Acts 23-Romans 4 13. Romans 5-14 14. Romans 15-1 Cor 8 15. 1 Cor 9-2 Cor 3 16. 2 Cor 4-13 17, Galatians and Ephesians 18. Philippians and Colossians 19. 1 Thess and 2 Thess. 20. 1, 2 Timothy and Titus 21. Philemon – Hebrews 9 22. Hebrews 10-James 23. 1 and 2 Peter 24. 1-2 John 25. 3 John – Jude 26. Revelation 1-10 27. Revelation 11-22