Sealed Deal

Yesterday, Julie and I spent an hour or two signing papers and finalizing our deal on the house we've bought. After all that signing and signing and signing, we're done! We spent last night sleeping in the living room so we (truthfully, Julie) could steam the carpet in our bedroom. By so doing, we're enabling Duane and Mary to move in right behind us. So we're all set and plenty excited about it. Our dog, Dodger, is a little confused. He seemed genuinely concerned last night about why we were sleeping in the living room! Keep praying for our move. The process has been great and the people we've worked (Myriah our realtor, Derek our mortgage guy and the Boren-Scott Title Company) have been awesome. Best of all, the people we bought the house from have been great. So good in fact, we're getting in early. We'll begin moving tomorrow morning with the knick-knacks and tchochktes. The movers will be there first thing Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon, we'll be all in. Please pray for everything to go smoothly for us and the NeSmiths.


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