All things beautiful!

This morning, I'm at home. It's Friday and that usually means I'm off for a little R and R. The last couple of weeks have been a little on the crazy side, so I haven't taken my Fridays like I usually do. It's a great day to take time off - watching the rain fall and sitting with my dog while Julie exercises. Thus, here are some random thoughts.
- CBC is a great place to serve the Lord! I'm seriously pumped about this weekend! We've a 6th grade discipleship weekend beginning tonight. We've got the men's ministry "Beast Feast" tomorrow night. We've got a full slate of events coming up Sunday. More on that next. I've been here 5 mths now and I say this with full assurance - I've not enjoyed pastoring this much since I graduated with my PhD in 2006.
- Sunday is the beginning of a journey for our friends going on our Mission: Germany trip this July. For two hours following our morning worship service, we'll train our mission trippers in all things trip-like. From why we're going to Germany to German culture to even some German language study, we'll begin our march toward July's trip. If you're planning to go with us, meet us in the chapel immediately after worship Sunday morning - we're buying lunch!
- Sunday afternoon brings a meeting of "Family First Jacksonville" - a meeting of pastors and leaders to combat the coming alcohol referendum. Prohibition is not our goal (in my estimation, that only makes it the forbidden fruit that must be had!), but it is our goal is to prevent Jacksonville being overrun by the likes of Fat Dogs. Please pray for our meeting. While this meeting is not open to the public, the next one will be. Don't worry - you'll hear about it!
- Sunday night, we'll be going to the Smith Association Annual Meeting. I hope you'll join us - anyone interested can show up at the church at 4:15 PM and we'll take you with us in the church vans. We were allowed 12 messengers (the maximum allowed by the Association), but we can bring as many as we choose.
- A special word of gratitude to Coach Mel Socia, Coach Darvin Hooker, Coach Dolan, Coach Harrision and the 7th/8th grade Jax Middle School basketball teams. For the last several weeks, they've been kind enough to allow me to tag along and keep the books for them. The season is all but over for them but I'll not soon forget getting to hang out with them! Thanks!


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