It's been awhile since we last spoke, so let me just be completely random for a moment.
- We're still living in our Frankston home, but more sure than ever that the Lord is going to sell it soon. We had a couple of "lookers" over the break - one rather serious - but no serious offers on it yet. I've got every confidence we're where the Lord wants us to be right now.
- I'm coaching a Little Dribblers under-14 team this year. We're the Hornets! Good kids! It's been a blast thus far. I think we won last week, but we had such a good time, it didn't really seem to matter.
- Julie and I got our passports over the break. Although we did have some excitement about it (we had to order an original copy of Julie's birth certificate), we're ready now!
- We leave Feb 24th for a scouting trip to Germany. Julie's never been to Europe and I've only been there once and even then I didn't leave the Paris Airport (I was on my way to Israel in 1990), so we're excited about going to share the mission work of the land of Martin Luther.
- Speaking of missions, we're headed to New Orleans March 20-27. I hope you'll pray for our work and pray for our team. We had a good group attend the meeting Sunday to receive information about it.
- One last bit of randomness - the "SOUP-er" Bowl is coming! Check back later in the week for more info!


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