A weekend to remember

Monday morning gives me a few minutes to consider the previous weekend - and if the rest of the year goes as wildly busy as the first three have gone by, it will be Christmas in about two weeks!

- Charniece's retirement service was awesome! It was a outstanding reminder of the power of long-term service. She has served the Lord so faithfully for so long here at CBC - her legacy here will be long-remembered. Thanks to Will Cumbee and the hospitality crew for making the event so special!

- The beginning of our Red-Letter Series got off with a bang! The message of grace and forgiveness we found in the mouth of Jesus in John 19 is a poignant reminder of God's calling on our lives to give forgiveness just as freely as we have received it. NOT easy. There are many who struggle with forgiveness throughout their lives - either giving it or receiving it. I hope you'll pray with me for them.

- Julie and I went out to dinner Friday night (HOT DATE!) at El Chico on the Loop in Tyler. We had a great waiter named Christian. Pray with me for his spiritual journey. When I asked about it, he didn't really have an answer - which usually means there's isn't a journey going on at all. Pray with me for opportunities like this one to share the hope we know in Christ!

- Our Easter schedule has gotten some attention. As has become our habit, we'll be doing two services that Sunday - one at 8:15 AM and the other at 10:45. The difference this year is that the two services WON'T be identical. The early service will be our usual service. The late service will be significantly different. We're calling it "The Well" after John 4 when Jesus encounters a woman seeking life and hope at the Well. As you plan your Easter celebration, plan accordingly!

- We're engaging in Servant Evangelism projects ALL OVER THE PLACE in Jville this Easter season. We've asked your Sunday School classes to coordinate that for us. Be looking for your chance to serve!

- I've never been more excited about Easter than I am this year! I can't wait to see what the Lord does in the lives of those who seek Him! I can't wait to see what happens with our two service model! I can't wait until our fasts are over and we can return to a full-bodied life! What do I mean? At the risk of messing up my fast, I'll share with you my fasts. I chose two things to fast from: (1) carbonated drinks. That one has been relatively easy. I know they're bad for me and they steal oxygen from my bloodstream, so I'll probably keep this one going even after Easter. The other one, not so much. (2) Desserts / Sweets - This seemed like such a good idea when I started! Mercifully, we're almost half-way home! I had no idea I was eating so much dessert until I stopped eating any! Only once have I gotten really weak. At a funeral luncheon two weeks ago, one of our deacons (who, in fairness, didn't know my choice of fasts) sat down next to me with two of the most heavenly looking desserts I've ever seen! I got weak in the knees and began a battle within myself about how much harm one little dessert would do. Literally, even now as I'm writing about it, my mouth is watering! Another deacon, who did know my fast, sat quietly as he watched what I would do. He didn't say a word and I didn't notice him - but I held in there - by fleeing the scene! Sometimes, that's your only choice! On Easter at lunch, stand back! I'll be eating my share of dessert - and yours as well!


Joni K. Martin said…
Hi, Darin! I didn't know you were a blogger too! I give up something for Lent almost every year (Catholic or not!) and this year it was "distractions" - specifically, things that keep me from focusing on the things that REALLY matter. I gave up being on fb 24-7, among other things. (I'm only on there now to post my blog and relevant articles to the study I'm doing about women and spirituality.) Anyway, nice to read about you, even though we're cousins I barely know you! :) Maybe this way, through fb and stalking your blog, we can get to know one another better!!!
WendyDarling said…
I feel your pain about the fast. I didn't fast sweets, but I'm sure that's hard. I fasted all music except Christian, and it has been harder than I thought. I knew I would have to skip my friend's show on Tuesday evenings, because he sings Country music. That was a hard decision, but I'm glad I chose to do it.

But, it also means I can't watch musicals or movies with the soundtracks I like.

Still, it's been worth it. So for, there have been 3 benefits: 1) My mother and I usually listen to the Standards during the day (big band, Frank Sinatra, etc.) but she has been listening to Contemporary Christian with me and LIKES it. :-)

2) There really are a lot of songs that should come off of my player, and I have been convicted to remove them. Not even upset about it. :-)

3. I've spent those Tuesday nights in Bible Study, so my relationship with the LORD has been strengthened. :-)
Doug said…
I gave up desserts too, Tall Pastor Guy! KILLIN' ME!


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