A Christmas to remember

As you know, this has been a year of firsts in our home. Most importantly, our son Joshua was born on April 11th this year so this has been a year of the first smile, the first laugh, the first roll-over, the first tooth and now, his first Christmas. He's brought light into our home that I simply couldn't have imagined before he got here. It's funny. . . . we adopted Joshua, but I honestly don't know how on earth I could love him anymore if he were biologically mine. It's almost as if the Lord orchestrated things and people, placing him in just the right family at just the right time (ya think??!??!). Here's a sample of what I mean.
Not long ago, Julie, Josh and I were at Wal-Mart. Nothing unusual there! We were in the produce section with me pushing the cart, Josh seat in it and Julie gathering. A stranger walked up to Josh and I, looked Josh hard in the face then looked me hard in the face then back at Josh. Then Julie walked over and the stranger stared at Julie too (I know - kinda weird! But some strangers are stranger than others). With a loud voice the stranger said "He's got his daddy's eyes, but everything else is from his mom!" I just smiled and said "Yes, ma'am." We hear that all the time.
And now, his feet. For those keeping score, I wear a size 15 in most shoes, although I'm forced into a 16 in certain brands. They serve as a solid foundation for my height, but it's not a fact I brag about. Buying big shoes is a major hassle. I had hope for Josh, but apparently, it will be a vain hope. Julie bought Josh some 12-24 month socks recently. He's wearing them, but they are decidedly too small already. . . .and he's 8 mths old yesterday. What will he be wearing when he's 24 mths? I'm scared to think.
So what about this first Christmas for Josh? It's a Christmas where he'll learn of the love of Savior who came to earth that first Christmas night in Bethlehem. It's a Christmas where he'll come to know of the love of his parents for him even if he's too young to grasp it yet. It's a Christmas where he'll be spoiled by grandparents and aunts and uncles, some who have waited a long time for this day and hour (#my family!). It's Christmas where we'll begin teaching him about the Season of Advent and why it's important. And it's a Christmas where Jesus will be honored and celebrated - because of the great gift of love given for us - and our Josh.


Anonymous said…
Josh will be just as tall as you when he gets older! I believe that
Kevin said…
great thoughts Darin. Blessings
Kevin said…
thanks for the insights and encouragement Brother Darin....Blessings to you and family
UnkieD said…
I couldn't love you more if you were my blood nephew, so I understand about Josh.

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