A difficult celebration

Today is done and I'm really glad. It's not often I feel that way about Sunday's, but today was no ordinary Sunday. I announced my resignation as the pastor of Memorial this morning, an event I had prepared for, but wasn't really ready for how I felt about it. The faces of my MBC family were so sad and to think I was the cause was difficult if not heart-wrenching. I preached a message (How Much do YOU trust Me? Luke 8) more for my own benefit than for our members, but it was definitively from the heart, a fact I hope that came across. I'd planned another one, but felt CERTAIN on Friday morning that it wasn't right. So I went to work and wrote another message. I'll not soon forget today, but I'd rather not go through it again.

It was a mixed bag, however, as today was also our annual church homecoming known to us as Celebration Day. We had a party in spite of my news. Parties are always fun and today was as well. The picture above is my dear friend Dustin Tanner. At 8 yrs old, this picture says alot about him, all good.


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