Last Day

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Finals at Navarro College are this week so I spent the weekend grading papers, packing and having the king of all moving sales. More on the sale in a minute. My last final is this morning at 10:30, so I'm about to leave for it as I write to you. I'll be done with grades by nightfall (I hope).
It's been crazy over the weekend - everyone and their brother wants to see us before we leave. My cell and our home phone are ringing much more than normal as if people have just discovered us.
As for that moving sale, we've always done well with garage sales, but this one we did great with! Not that we made a ton of money (which we didn't) but we got rid of most all of what we wanted to get rid of (which we did!). That's especially important given that THIS THURSDAY is moving day! Ready or not, here we go. Our house is a maze of boxes, full and empty ones waiting to be filled. All the drawers are empty and most all of the closets. Even under the beds! Pray for our transition this week to be a smooth one with no major problems.
We leave for vacation one week from today and we're plenty ready for that! We'll try to post some pictures as we go to let you see what we're seeing.


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