More than you bargained for

Julie and I are working around the house today - most just goofing off really. But in the midst of that, we discovered a couple of red wasps right outside the front door. Being good caretakers of a home, we decided to kill them with wasp spray. I shot what I THOUGHT was two wasps. I noticed a small crack they had come from so I sprayed in there as well and when I did. . . let's just say I got more than I bargained for. I thought it was just two wasps. I was severely mistaken. NINE more came out, angry and looking for trouble. Fortunately, I still had the wasp spray! :-)


Tim Guthrie said…
Enjoy the Hogan set, I have them all as well. I got them on VHS years ago and now I find I can get them on DVD for much less.

I still watch them during "chilling" times. They drive Heidi crazy but the boys love them!

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