Final Report on "Come Thirsty"

"Come Thirsty" weekend was too short for me. I'm sorry if you missed it - what I took away from it challenged me in some fresh ways. Our worship band, Reese Dean and Kris Hutchins, did a fine job of leading us musically. Although they were quite different from our norm, that's one of the things weekends like these are for. If we did it just like always, what fun would that be? Why do a special weekend to do what we always do?
By far, the best part of the weekend was my dear brother James Lankford. James brought challenging messages, bringing the Word of God in truth and power. I knew he would - that's why I invited him to come. I knew you'd be blessed by getting to share fellowship with him and hear his heart. Pray for his family. Pray for his work in Oklahoma. Pray for the various ministries he's involved with, like IWitness Ministries. Caleb Hilburn went with IWitness to Cologne, Germany the last several summers.
My favorite part, however, was the time you never saw. We spent Saturday afternoon watching the Longhorn game, after worship Sat night just talking about where God has us and how God is using us and Sunday afternoon just doing what we've always done - sharing a friendship that has endured the distance between us. James and I were just pups when we met. It didn't seem that way. We thought we were so grown up when we got started. As I've reflected on that time in life, it seems clear that while it was a surprise to me to have joined the ministry where James and I met (I hadn't planned to, but felt the Lord's leadership that direction), it was clearly ordained by God. It's funny - we only get to talk a few times a year, but when we do, it's like we pick up right where we left off.
This is off-topic but while I'm here. . . there's one other commonality James and I share - a deep indebtedness to Mr. Charles "Chuck" Flowers. For whatever reason, Chuck poured himself into us (and others). His selflessness and love for the Kingdom of Christ made a deep impression on me. His constant challenges to use all that God has given us led me to do PhD work. I'll never outrun his shadow. That's why when you read the preface to my dissertation, you'll find Chuck's name listed prominently. Thanks Chuck!


Rusty said…
I'm glad yall had a good weekend. I was praying for you guys! I've started blogging on blogspot again. Check it out sometime.

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