If that didn't move you. . .

Yesterday's service was a true blessing. It wasn't the preaching or the music. It wasn't the handbells or even the fellowship among believers. For me, it was overwhelming to see so many of our church family surround Taylor Kirkpatrick to seek the Lord to heal him. I've been chided for praying out loud asking the Lord (in public!) to heal Taylor. My response to those who chided me was "Why not? Doesn't God delight in doing good things for his children?" What if the Lord doesn't heal him? Doesn't that mean God didn't answer your prayer? No - it doesn't mean that. It means the Lord healed Taylor permanently by letting him come home. I'm completely not worried. My business is to seek the Lord with passion and zeal - His business is to heal and carry forward His kingdom.
Put it this way - I'm in distribution. God's the management. What He does is according to His good and perfect pleasing will!


nuttandhoney said…
Yes it was. It was a beautiful thing to see so many of our church family step out on faith and come forward to pray for Taylor. I have no doubt that many others joined in from right where they sat too. God is truely moving in our church.

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