Update on Luther Ray Doughty

Many of you have inquired as to Mr. Doughty's well-being. He's resting comfortably at the Home Place Hospice Center near the UT-Tyler campus in southeast Tyler. I spent about an hour with he and his family yesterday and found him to be alert sometimes despite the medication they're using to keep him comfortable. His illness will be his gateway to the presence of the Lord, but clearly the Lord isn't ready for him yet.

I've heard a rumor the family doesn't want visitors. I'm not sure who started it, but it isn't true. They welcome friends, new and old, to share time with Luther Ray. If you go, however, please refrain from speaking about people who have died from the same kind of illnesses (yes, I've known people who are that insensitive). Go and show love to Luther Ray, his wife Lorraine, their daughter Cindy and their son Todd. Pray for this precious family during this difficult season of life.


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