What to do?

A church in Florida has created quite a stir recently. It seems one of their church members won a $6 million dollar lottery. Being a good church member (other than playing the lottery of course), he wanted to tithe on his winnings - a tidy $600,000.00. The church declined. (Here's a link the whole story). What do you think? Should the church take the money and use it for benevolent purposes? Or do you agree the church should refuse it? Lemme hear you on this one. I'll tip my hand later.


James Griffith said…
I would have to say accept it. Let me explain. Police depts. receive money obtained from crime: drug dealers, theft rings, etc., and use it to further protect the public (or so they claim.) Is it wrong for a church to accept this money and use it to spread the word of God? Either way, bad is being converted to good. And is a state sanctioned lottery considered "gambling" or just a revenue source from people who aren't good at math.
Questions such as these are the reason I go to Church on Sunday. DARIN is supposed to advise me on these issues. I have no further questions.
Rusty said…
I don't think the church has a right to question where the money came from. Is the church going to start requiring information on where everyone's tithe came from? God can use that money for His glory, regardless of where it came from. But I still respect the church's decision. I just don't think I would have done it.
Summer Says... said…
I appreciate and respect that the church made the decision they did based on their doctrine. That said, my first thought was that the church is biting its nose to spite its face. So much good can be done with that amount of money for God's glory.

I also wonder if the church questions the origin of all its receipts? And who there defines "good" and "bad" money? Where is that line?

Would the church have accepted a tithe from the Enron execs who committed fraud? Would they return it when they found out it was cash acquired through fraudulent means?
Monroe Menke said…
The money wasn't illegal. I sure the man paid plenty of taxes as required. Now comes the philosophy of the Church. Do we (Baptist)turn down this gracious gift he has offered as he thought it was the biblical thing to do? Or do we let him donate the money to the Church of Scientology or Joel Olsteen for their personal advancement for example. I feel that even 2000 years ago Jesus would have accepted such a gift if it could feed thousands of chidren and advance the word of the Gospel. Bless the money and put it to work.

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