In case of ice, don't follow this example

I heard on the weather forecast they're predicting ice and freezing rain for our area this week. Hmmmmm. I've done enough driving on that sort of surface to know that I shouldn't do any more! :-) I've always harbored the misconception that people who live where it freezes regularly get used to driving on ice and therefore are better prepared than we sun-baked southerners. Such a theory has been blown apart as the video shows. Taken in the Portland, OR area, check out these vehicles in classic examples of what not to do when driving on ice.


WBristow said…
Here is another one!
micah said…

Hey. I was just showing my kiddos the football clip and the cars in the ice. They had fun seeing your blog. FYI, we really hardly ever get snow or ice in the Portland area. I had the same perception before I lived here. We usually get a tiny bit more than Dallas. This year, we got tons - it snowed for 10 days and was on the ground for 2 weeks.

Talk to you later! Ronny

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