From a mean-spirited angry bigot

That's me - your pastor. I'm a mean-spirited angry bigot. Why? Because I believe the Bible speaks for itself and doesn't need to be a "living" document (whatever that means) to be authoritative for our lives. I believe the Bible is clear on the plan and expectations for humanity and provides an avenue for obedience if we choose to accept it. I believe the Bible expresses marriage clearly as one man-one woman for a lifetime. I believe homosexuality is an affront to a Holy God who doesn't "understand" such sin anymore than he "understands" any other sin. The Bible teaches acceptance, grace, mercy and love - qualities we all need - but never backs down from calling evil and injustice out. Furthermore, those who want to read the Bible as all grace, mercy, forgiveness and acceptance have missed much of the Bible's teachings about justice and righteousness. Finally, I believe there are many who will use the Bible for their own ends, desiring to twist it in knife-like fashion to eviscertate the Bible from it's true meaning. Beware - there are people who claim to understand the Bible but don't want to embrace the full message. Here's the best example I've seen in a long time of such poor understanding. Published in Newsweek, Ms Lisa Miller writes a column (Here's the link) that is so Biblically misleading it borders on slander. Beware of people who want to tell you what the Bible says without expressing it clearly. Beware people who want to twist the Word of God to meet their own ends - it will be their downfall. Beware people who admonish believers for embracing the Word of God and it's message while demanding tolerance for whatever view they espouse. It's a slipperly slope.


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Great word!

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