Welcome Central BC Friends

For those who are from our soon-to-be church home at Central BC, Jacksonville, WELCOME! This is the place for my ramblings about whatever is on my (oft-demented) mind. Now, on to what I really wanted to say. . . .

Tonight, I was called as pastor of Central BC in Jacksonville by an unanimous vote of 300+. Wow. That shocked me. There's always at least one "no" in a crowd of any size. At least one person usually votes "no" to make sure it isn't unanimous. But tonight, it was. It strikes me that it's an example of the spirit of the church.

I can't remember a time when I had a greater swell of emotion. The joy of being called mixed with the sadness of leaving our beloved FBC in Frankston. The anticipation of a new challenge mixed with the challenge of new opportunities. We don't know what happens next when we get there, but we know we'll be ready for it when it does come by holding the hand of the Lord.

Please pray for us as we get ready to go. Pray for our short vacation we'll take between leaving Frankston and arriving in Jacksonville. Pray for the days ahead to be a powerful reminder of God's grace and love for Jacksonville and Cherokee County.

If you're an FBC member, we'll see you Sunday. If you're a member at Central, we'll see you on August 30. If you're an interested bystander, pray for us - we'll need it.


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