Holy Moments

If you've read my FB status, you've seen that I've asked for prayers for 13 year old Tory Cantu. That's her with her mother, Robyn. They were members of Memorial Baptist Church in Corsicana, the church I pastored for 7.5 years. I've known them since 1999 when Tory was just a little snot-jockey. I baptized Tory in 2006. When Robyn's mother passed away in 2006, I did her funeral. On March 29th, Tory was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract infection. No biggie, right? They gave her some antibiotics and sent her on her way. Until it was a biggie. She went into convulsions that same day. They took her via Careflight to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Since that time, Tory has been in a fight for her life. They've taken extraordinary measures to try to "right the ship" but things are not looking good. There's the background for our holy moment of the day.
When I got to my office this morning, there was a message to call Robyn. Many people believe pastors have no problems doing things like that, but we're as human as everyone else. What do you say to someone in that position? What possible word of comfort or counsel can I provide? Robyn was calling to ask if I would be willing to come and conduct Tory's funeral service when the time came. (I never get used to answering that question.) Here's the holy moment - I listened as Robyn expressed her heart about Tory and her great love for the Lord who gave her and would eventually take her home. I listened as she told of her great peace about the situation. "I know the Lord has her, Darin, and I know where she's going. When she does get home, she and her Grandmother will have a wonderful time!" Wow. I held it together until I got off the phone - then I wept like a school girl. If it were my daughter, could I have such faith? Do I trust the Lord with my deepest and most precious things like Robyn does? Can I find such peace when the world is crashing around me? I certainly hope so. Pray for Tory. Pray for Robyn. Pray for Ty, Tory's brother. Pray for Robyn's husband, Joe. Ask that the Lord of all healing, mercy and comfort show His power today in their lives.


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