Julie's Birthday

Today is my beloved Julie's birthday! It's a bummer that it falls on a Wednesday - a work day for me. I'll make it up to her tomorrow.

That's sort of been our method over the last ten years. I'll make it up to her later. My wife has the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job, especially when it comes to me. She has more "IOU's" for missed things due to church events, funerals, weddings, Sunday School class parties, fellowships, hospital calls, etc.., than I'll ever be able to repay. At least our vacations have been rather sheltered. Only once have we had a trip get interrupted. But it has happened - and she has ridden through it all with me.

Julie grew up as a pastor's daughter. (sidenote: Her parents are awesome! When I grow up, I hope I'm half the man her dad is.) But Julie knew the challenges of pastoring far better than I did and wanted no part of it for her own journey. Thus, when I asked Julie to marry me, I assured her that I was headed for a life of academics. After all, earning a PhD in New Testament - that means you're going to teach, right? Well, not every time. It was she who first knew the change in my calling and direction had come. Her insight into discerning the heart of God and my heart is unbelievable! So when we decided pastoring was where we were headed (after she had gone ahead and married me!), she didn't complain or bemoan her decision. She stood beside me with strength and dignity serving the Lord as my partner and companion in ministry.

I'm blessed to be married to Julie. She'll never know how much because there just aren't words for it. When you see her, tell her of your gratitude for her service to the Lord, our church and to her husband / pastor. She's the one who keeps him sane.


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