The craziest year of our lives

I've just reviewed my last blog post. I'll tell you the truth - I'm not in the least surprised by the date - March 28, 2011. Significance? That date is B.J. - before Joshua. He was born on April 11. I couldn't speak to that here since the case was pending and in the six months since then, we've been a little busy. A brief run-down for those who I don't get to see often.
March 9 - We got the call about a baby who needed a home. Although it wasn't settled, we were one of six couples being considered.
March 23 - We were officially approved as the adoptive couple for an unknown gender child.
April 8 - We were informed that the birthmom was to be induced on April 11 and we needed to be there.
April 10 - A Sunday. After the AM services, we told only a bare minimum of people and left to get our child. We went with an empty car seat, empty arms and expectant hearts. Truly, our lives were about to change.
April 11 - 11:25 AM - Joshua David Wood was born!
April 11 - 1:01 PM - We were allowed to see him for the first time.
April 11 - 4 PM - Joshua was brought to us and placed in our arms where he's been ever since.
April 22 - Good Friday - After all legal hurdles were cleared, we officially became Joshua's parents by judge's decree. We named him Joshua David. Joshua for the Biblical character (esp Joshua 1:9 and 24:15) and David for Julie's dad. We left for home immediately. On our way, we posted only a small vague blurb on Facebook, something we had avoided since we'd been gone so we didn't mess up the legal stuff involved in the adoption process. By the end of the day, we got more than 300 responses.
April 22 - 6 PM - We got home to find presents piled by the door and the house decorated with "It's a Boy!"
April 24 - Easter Sunday - We introduced Joshua via pictures to our CBC family. An emotional day to be sure.
May 4 - After realizing our current truck that I drive wouldn't hold Joshua's car seat, we bought a new-to-us truck that would. We would've waited had we known what was going to happen two days later!
May 6 - Our 11th anniversary - We received word that we sold our Frankston home. It had been on the market for 21 months!
May 9 - Mother's Day - Joshua's first Sunday in church.
May 23 - We put a contract on our Augusta Drive home.
June 17 - We closed on both houses and moved into our new home. MANY of our CBC family came to help and we're humbled by that.

Since then - Joshua is growing SO fast! Our house is becoming more and more like home. We're growing as a church and seeing God do some amazing things around us. I would've never believed what would transpire this year, even if it had been told to me in explicit detail. That's the beauty of a lifelong pursuit of Jesus - you never know what the next step will be. With humility we say, "Yes Lord - now tell me what's next."


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