Sunday Evening reflections

For those new to the blog, this Sunday night talk is a sporadic review of random thoughts from the day.
- For the first time today, I preached all three of our morning services.  While there wasn't a difference for the 8:25 service, the 11:05 traditional service got a non-traditional order - I preached there first and then dashed across the hallway to preach in the auditorium contemporary service!  I knew the timing would be tight - We're going to work on doing this monthly.  God is so very good to give us these opportunities so let's view them as the blessing they are.
- For those who are tired of hearing about where we've been and the struggles we've endured, I say GOOD!  February was our month to cope with our past - we're not going to mention it again unless we need to.  It's time to move forward!  We've got an incredible future and that's where we're going!
- Prayers for Moses Caesar in his new adventure!  We'll miss his service and his contributions to make FBC the amazing place it is!
- Prayers for our Jamaica team!  You should see all the stuff you've donated for them to take.  Amazing generosity by an church with lots of generosity!  Thanks for being the church God delights in using!
- We had several decisions this morning!  I don't know what decisions were made or who made them yet, but we're on the right track church!
- This is a big week for our man George Koehl.  For those who haven't heard, George is scheduled for surgery on his back this Thursday in Odessa.  Please pray for a successful surgery and for George's healing.
- Awesome night with the Upwards Basketball Celebration!  More than 400 children and their families came!  It was awesome!  Mike Bliss ( brought his show and did an awesome job!  Thanks John Elliott, Nathan Wenneve  
- Prayers for the Collier family in the loss of their 22 yr old daughter Kirby.  Her services will be Thursday morning at 10:30 AM in the chapel.


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