Moving Day - Come and gone

A very special thank-you to some important people - Stile, Bryson, Phil and R.G. - you guys are lifesavers. Without their help in getting all our junk loaded, we'd probably still be at it! They drove all the way over to Corsicana for us to abuse them all day long (especially with that sleeper sofa!). Despite the 85% chance of rain, we never saw it! Another special thanks to Judy, Johnny, Sue, Jim, Ruth Coach Holcomb and anyone else who came to help us get into the parsonage.
Have you ever considered how much junk you accumulate? Not unless you're moving, right? We were the same way. We rented the biggest truck Budget had to offer (24') and still needed a 20' trailer, two pickup beds and Julie's Trailblazer to get all our junk over there! Wow. I didn't think we had enough to fill the 24' truck! So we backed the truck up to the door and got busy.

It took about three hours to load up. When we finally got done, we drove over - mercifully, some of you were there to help us unload. Let's just put it this way - it came out MUCH faster than it went in. Praise God for that! It came off so fast, I wondered if we had lost some along the way! When I got into the house, however, I realized we weren't that lucky. Everything made it and undamaged at that - except for the plastic tub I dropped and shattered into 10 bazillion pieces.
You might think the adventure was over - you'd be wrong. Poor Johnny Burks had to go with me to Tyler to drop off our rented truck. Although it wasn't necessarily hard to find (right on Hwy 155 just south of Loop 323) getting in was a challenge, wasn't it Johnny? We made it through!
Sunday is our last day at Memorial - pray for us. Leaving our friends here is hard, even though we know we're headed to a wonderful place. We look forward to being with you soon! We'll be there full-time on June 1st, but we'll be in town the Wednesday after Labor Day.


Lexie said…
Just a little heads up on moving to Frankston - watch out for that McLaughlin guy. :)

Actually, he's a great guy. I'm his sister - follower of Jesus, Austin area resident, UT alum, Longhorn fan, student of writers, avid blogger (@ and former Frankstonite (briefly). All of that explains why I would be interested in knowing you have a blog. I enjoyed reading it and couldn't lurk w/out commenting. It's a great tool to help others get to know you.

BTW, Andy is looking forward to you being the pastor.

Every now and then we visit FBC when we're in town. I look forward to meeting you next time we do.

Blessings to you and your family as you transition your lives.
Robert said…
you meant the wednesday after MEMORIAL day right? just asking. haha

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