ON Vacation

We leave in about 20 minutes for vacation. We're pretty excited about it, as I guess most people are about vacation. Some place new, some place different, new experiences, new friends. This year, we're going to the Pacific Northwest. We're flying to Seattle (7:10 AM Wednesday morning), driving down to see some dear friends in Portland, OR, then coming back to Seattle for a Mariners game (we see a baseball game every year around our anniversary, a tradition we started on our honeymoon in Boston). On Saturday morning, our real adventure begins. We're catching a cruise ship (not the one that crashed yesterday!) for an Alaska Cruise, something we've always wanted to do. We're a little nervous as we've never taken a cruise before, but we're excited about the newness of it! We're going to TRY to find internet connection while we're gone so we can let you see what we're seeing. If we can't then we'll post it when we get home!
When we get back, we'll be in Frankston for good the day after Memorial Day.


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