An amazing kid!

Meet Adam Bender, an 8 yr old little leaguer from Lexington, Kentucky. Adam plays catcher and hits - all with only one leg. You've got to read the whole story for yourself. Here's the link to it. An unbelievable inspiration to all of us! I coached High school basketball for three season and I'm coaching T-Ball this season and I've enjoyed it throughly. But a few of the kids I've coached in the past have been a little weak in the work ethic or passion department. I'd take an army of Adams and whip the lot of you!

If you're an FBC member, I can promise you this is a kid you'll be seeing as an illustration.


Anonymous said…
so touching-great to see a little one with such an awesome attitude-wish more children had this type of "get it done" attitude!
Mandy said…
I'll be showing this to Mr. Dustin and see is he thinks this compares to a bloody nose. What an inspiration.
It was so good to see you last night and to share a meal at the Tanner dinner table. The only thing that could have made it better was if Julie was there. We miss you guys.

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