Wisdom from my teachers

When I was a student at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX, I was privileged to sit under the instruction of Dr. Jack MacGorman, longtime professor of New Testament. A man of passion for Christ and his kingdom, his class made me want to serve Christ more fully as opposed to some classes that just filled my head. He was a learned man with two earned Ph.D.'s. Why someone would need two, I don't know! Unfortunately, Dr. MacGorman informed us, he earned those degrees at the expense of family time. He was quite an old man by the time I knew him and here's what he told us - "Gentlemen, I would gladly trade both of my PhD's for the opportunity to go back and be a better D.a.D." I've thought often of Dr. MacGorman and his wisdom - and I appreciate it more now than I ever have.

I've been blessed with the educational opportunities the Lord has provided me. I've been trained in 5 languages and picked up a couple more along the way. I spent more than 3 years reading Clement of Alexandria's writings, sifting out the core of his New Testament - I know him as well as anyone can know someone who died in 205 AD. I cooperate with an International Greek project, attending sporadic meetings about issues related to the Greek New Testament.
But reality dictates, at the end of the day, that I'll be measured by how I've poured my life into the lives of others for the sake of Christ. I'm just a vessel - nothing more. In humility, it's time to consider others better than myself.


Anonymous said…
Well said; I attended St Mary's Univ (San Antonio, TX) and Grand Canyon College (Phoenix, AZ). When at Grand Canyon, I studied Old Teatament History under Dr. Niles Puckett. If you visit my web-site ( www.toad.net/~celam )you may read my commentary on the Revelation and the Prophets.

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