A fun but fruitless morning

Early this morning, a friend (I'll let the guilty remain nameless!) and I got up and left our families at home in a the primordial search for the newest gadget! Chockful of the latest technology, I've long pined for this device! After scratching nickels and pennies and not playing golf for a whole month in preparation for today, we left my house before 7:45 AM, a time I usually only get up to go play golf. But today was different. Today, we were in search of the newest iPhone, released at 8 AM this morning. We drove to Tyler, arriving at the AT &T store just as they opened. Taking our place at the end of the line, we were numbers 86 and 87 respectively. We waiting until about 10 AM when they warned us we might not get a phone today but we waited anyway. About 11 AM we got into the store and were told we had missed it by two people! If only we'd left thirty minutes earlier! It's just as well - we were given the opportunity to do orders for them and we'll have them soon.


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