Harlingen, Day 1

A fast and furious day! We began early, painting a house in the Mercedes area. We're all set to finish it up tomorrow. Part of our crew then went to work another house nearby. We'll probably finish it too tomorrow. VBS ended our day. We had planned to have about 30 students. We had 45. Great problem, but we had to scramble up a new plan of action to provide for it. No problem! It was awesome!
Now - to answer the question I've been asked about 100 million times today - What about Hurricane Dolly? Our plan right now, by consensus, is to ride it out. It'll probably mean a whole day lost, but we'll be able to connect with people on the clean-up side that we might have missed otherwise. We still plan to leave for home on Friday, but we'll see. Check back soon for pictures - it's too late for those tonight.


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