Harlingen, Day 2

Today we spent the day finishing the painting we began yesterday. We framed an addition onto a house desperately in need of more space. Effectively, we doubled their square footage in a single day. Our VBS went off as planned and was a wonderful experience! The kids were excited to have something other than the storm to talk about.
Now - as for the storm - subtitled this "Hello Dolly!" For those who might be worried about us, don't be. We're doing fine. The storm is rolling off-shore and we can feel it's effects - increased wind, clouds and slightly sprinkling. But it's not here yet. We're staying on the upper floor in the FBC Harlingen Family Life Center and have a plan in case it floods. We've prepared our vehicles and got our plans together in case we lose power. We're just waiting with plans to sit the day out tomorrow here at FBC. They've closed their offices tomorrow as has everyone else around here. We've got a problem with the van (A/C is out) that we're going to try for repairs before we come home, but we'll have to wait and see. Pray for us. Ask the Lord to clear our path so we can get home. Pray for the families we're ministering to here. Pray for Indian Hills Baptist Church and Pastor Steve Rodgriuez.

UPDATE: 11:19 PM - She's here. We can hear her pounding against our windows and roof.


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