A nice surprise

Getting back to work after a long weekend can be a drag. It's nice to come back and have some good news! Some was waiting for me at the office today. Our church received recognition for last Christmas' Lottie Moon Foreign Missions Offering. You'll remember the Lord really blessed that offering in our church, so much so it surprised almost all of us - not the Lord of course.

Really, we don't need a pat on the back to keep us going in the right direction or to continue giving, but it's reassuring to know our gift to the Lottie Moon Offering was a part of a greater effort for mission across our nation and around the world. It's amazing - the money we gave goes to places most of us will never go and to many places we've never even heard of - but the Lord knows them all well and blesses His work whether we know it or not. Thanks for being visionary people who see the Kingdom of God in a stark light.


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