Reflections on the weekend

Now that Hurricane Ike has passed, we've had some time to consider his impact. Did you know, if you're a resident of our county, you live in a disaster area? My mother used to tell me that when she wanted me to clean my room, but now it's really true! It's almost embarrassing to say we didn't receive any damage from the storm to our home or our trees - hardly even any branches fell - but we're grateful to say no serious injuries occurred as a result of the storm.

The worst of it was in north Frankston where a stately old oak was pushed over and a roof on a mobile home was lost. We're working with the family in the mobile home, in concert with Roy Brown, mayor of Berryville and the Frankston ISD to help those folks as best we're able.

What is really needed right now is a chain saw crew. Is that your specialty or do you know someone who does that? We need you! Another home has a tree leaning near it and, left unattended, it could fall on the home. We need someone to come and pull it off! If you know someone who does this kind of work, call me at the church office.

In the meantime, while our lives returns to something like normal, please pray for those who suffering the damaging effects of the storm. The recovery process will be long. Pray especially for the people of Galveston - they'll need it.


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