Our New Home

After much deliberation (there were only two houses that met our criteria) and many times of name signing, we've got a contract on a house! It's in a great neighborhood - 11 children live there, most of them under 10. The Bizzells live there as well as the Ramseys (both families church members). It's a great place and we feel like we got a great deal on it. They wanted to sell and we wanted to buy! One of it's best features is a the high ceilings throughout! I've always wanted that! We're closing on October 22nd with a targeted move-in date of Saturday, October 25. Some of that is tentative since Heather Bruton is getting married that day, but it's our best option. Keep that day open for us!


nuttandhoney said…
Congratulation you guys!!! It's beautiful, We are so happy for you both!!!

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