Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our New Home

After much deliberation (there were only two houses that met our criteria) and many times of name signing, we've got a contract on a house! It's in a great neighborhood - 11 children live there, most of them under 10. The Bizzells live there as well as the Ramseys (both families church members). It's a great place and we feel like we got a great deal on it. They wanted to sell and we wanted to buy! One of it's best features is a the high ceilings throughout! I've always wanted that! We're closing on October 22nd with a targeted move-in date of Saturday, October 25. Some of that is tentative since Heather Bruton is getting married that day, but it's our best option. Keep that day open for us!

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nuttandhoney said...

Congratulation you guys!!! It's beautiful, We are so happy for you both!!!