A wild ride

Like most of you, I've watched the events of the last several days with great interest. The wild fluctuations of the stock market do more than lead newscasts - they're a de facto consumer confidence poll. People will make long-standing financial decisions based on the latest reading on the Dow Jones. No wonder so many people are worried about their futures! Wouldn't it be great to live without that kind of worry? Wouldn't it wonderful to find peace in the midst of all this turmoil? We're offering a couple of things to help.
(1) The peace of God that can only come through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Your hope doesn't need to be in the stocks - they'll always let you down! Instead, place your hope and trust in the compassionate nature of the only one to die for you - Jesus Christ. In him, you'll find the peace you need.
(2) Recognize your role as a steward. God delights in us taking good care of his blessings (1 Corinthains 4:2). A steward doesn't possess the things in his hands - he's merely the caretaker. Make sure you understand the difference.
(3) Make sure your financial house is in order. We offer a helpful class - Financial Peace University - to help you be better equipped to make financial decisions. They're still early on for the fall session but if you want a taste of what they're doing, check this website.
(4) Above all else, pray. Ask the Lord of all resources to provide for his children and to grant wisdom to those who need it. Pray against greed, avarice and economic injustice. Ask the Lord to balance the scales in accordance with his authority.


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