Thanksgiving Message this week - the intro

As readers of my mad ramblings, you deserve some gratitude. I know many of my readers don't get to come on Sundays. You use this site to keep up with us. This Sunday, I'll be doing a Thanksgiving message discussing how many times we're not ungrateful on purpose but rather just because we're busy. So busy, in fact, that many times we miss the beauty God puts before us. Sometimes, in our rush to be busy in God's kingdom, we miss it! Our video, seen below, reflects that.
World-renowned violinist Joshua Bell took part in a social experiment. If he dressed as a street performer, took out his instrument and played in the atrium of a busy subway station, what would happen? Would people stop to listen? Would the beauty of his music draw a crowd? The incident was captured on video - watch it a couple of times. The thing you'll notice is that few if any even took notice. Almost 1,100 people passed him in the 45 minutes he played. Most were so consumed with their own lives and agendas they completely missed the oppotunity to hear one of the world's best violinists. Take a look.


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