Pray for President-Elect Obama

Romans 13:1b says this: "The authorities that exist have been established by God." Later in the same chapter, verse 7, it reads this way "Give everyone what you him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes. If revenue, then revenue. If respect, then respect. If honor, then honor." Clearly, the Apostle Paul was fully convicted about the role of government in his life and his response to it. Such words might be surprising when you consider Paul lived during the reign of the Roman dictator Nero - an man of insanity by every account. Yet Paul stands by his statements that all authorities are established by God. Those words still apply today.
Perhaps you voted for President-Elect Obama. Pray for him fervently as he prepares for the first steps of his historic presidency. Pray for his protection and for his family. Pray for God to bless him with wisdom far beyond his years.
Perhaps you voted for Senator McCain. Pray for him as he returns to the Senate. But I admonish you to still pray for President-Elect Obama. He will need it in ways we simply can't imagine.
Most of all, pray for our nation to cease this petty partisan-ship that has embroiled us for most of my adult life. Much of it is self-inflicted, but most of it can be set aside if we choose to do so. When President Clinton was in office, I heard many say "He's not my President." I heard the same from a different crowd when our current President was elected. I contend BOTH are disrepectful and a violation of Scripture. Make sure you see government the way the Scripture does - as an envoy of God, at least allowed by God to have that position.


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