What you can do

I've had the opportunity today to visit with Frankston Mayor James Gouger about the well-being of Officer Jason Ward (for those who aren't already familiar with the incident on Thursday of last week, here's a link to the whole story). He informed me Officer Ward's family needs some help - quickly.

Officer Ward and his family have worked here only a short time, essentially just since school started. Their 6 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son are in school, but need additional clothing immediately. At the church office and at City Hall, you can obtain the children's sizes and needs - please call to assist with this pressing mater.

Not a clothing purchaser? With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us and the likelihood Officer Ward will not be coming back to work anytime soon (although he will be moved to a private room soon), they also need some financial assistance. Our own First State Bank of Frankston has set up an assistance fund for Officer Ward and his family. If you want to help there, go to the bank and ask for the "Officer Jason Ward Fund" - they'll help you.


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