What you can do Pt II

I had the opportunity to visit with Frankston PD Officer Jason Ward this week. You'll be pleased to know Jason is in good spirits and is scheduled for surgery to take place on Friday. He's doing well although he's still in ICU. Please continue to pray for Jason, his wife Leslie and their two children.
Here's where you come in. This Sunday, we'll be partnering with the churches across our area in taking up a love offering for Jason. This Sunday and the Sunday to follow will be your two opportunities to give a love offering for Jason and his family. Yes, they have insurance and yes, it will cover his medical costs, but there are things not covered like holiday things and school clothes, incidentals of the sort you and I give no thought to - we just do it. Prayerfully consider making a contribution to the fund for Jason. If you want to make a gift but you can't get here either of the next two Sundays, call the First State Bank of Frankston (903-876-2212) and make a contribution the "Officer Jason Ward Assistance Fund". May the Lord bless Jason as he heals.


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