Through new eyes

Yesterday, Julie and I took our FBC kids to Super Summer at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall. Nothing unusual there. Julie and I both love Super Summer. From 1991-2001, I didn't miss a summer of working with this wonderful ministry. Yesterday was different, however. In the past, when I showed up at Super Summer, it was as a worker. Workers get there on Saturday, prepare all weekend for the students and greet them with great fanfare (that's what you see - and believe me when I say this picture does NOT do it justice!). In the past, I knew everyone else working at Super Summer. Yesterday, I knew only a few.
It caused me to look at Super Summer in a new way - or with new eyes. It caused me to see things in a new way. I didn't know where to go, or what to do. I didn't know very many people. Truthfully, the only people I knew yesterday were either my age (which would be the "old" people at this camp) or were the grown children of my friends coming to serve as a "second generation" servant. Wow.
On the same token, in the shift of generations, this was a wonderful moment in time! Super Summer had changed - there could be no doubt about that - but it had changed to survive and thrive in a new way. Rather than mourning the old way it was, I began to celebrate that it was an organism that would grow and become something far beyond what I could make out of it.

The timing was unbelievable really - I mean, here I am in the middle of this "Echo" series on generations and how they communicate and the Lord brings it right to my FACE! Wow. I'll revisit this when I have time to.


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