We're home

After a whirlwind tour of St Louis, we're home. On a note of praise, American Airlines got us home more than 20 minutes earlier than the gate time! On a note of "boo", the people who run the airport security in St. Louis Lambert Airport were not nearly as nice as the people at DFW Airport. Fortunately, we held our tongues - the people I've read who have really had trouble with the security people are the ones who want to hold the TSA to their own printed standards, a mistake we did not make. We smiled nicely, obeyed their instructions and got home.
The picture you see is us on top of the Gateway Arch, the iconic symbol of St. Louis. If you go, don't miss it unless you struggle with a fear of heights or claustrophobia. The elevators are about 6 feet in diameter - more like a port-a-john than an elevator. It's quite a view from up there, 630 ft about the city. We could see for miles all around through the portal windows. It gave us a perspective to see things we otherwise might have missed because we (or they) were too close. That's tonight's Word for prayer meeting - adopting God's perspective on life.
While it was great to get away, we love coming home. There's something cozy about that, isn't there? There's something inviting about the thought of home. More on that later.


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