Monday Moring Reflections

- Welcome Jacques and Temica Gooden, our newest members! We're thrilled to have you with us! It's not often we have people join at the BEGINNING of the service, but special people demand special arrangements. (For those who didn't hear it earlier, Temica's work schedule requires her presence before the end of worship, thus we made the special arrangements.
- Special thanks to Doug and Tim for their hard work in the technical arena yesterday - I asked a LOT and they delivered! Thanks fellas! Here's the video I used yesterday if you want to see it again.
- I was blessed by those of you who came to worship yesterday! I never bother to count, but we had a full house again.
- We'll finish our "How Great is Our God" series this Sunday with "A worship service of ONE!" Whereas yesterday we talked about how BIG God is, this Sunday we'll talk about how intimate our relationship can be!
- Believe it or not, this Sunday will be our one month anniversary! Never in my life have I felt so at home so quickly as I have here. Your warmth, graciousness and kind words have made our first days here a blessing beyond words. We look forward to being here for years to come!


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