Monday morning reflections

- What a day we had yesterday! WOW! I've never been more proud to be a pastor. From Erica's song to the choir special, I was blown away. I really (honestly!) consider shutting it down after the music. Yet the message I brought had been burning in my heart all week - I knew the Lord had it in mind for someone. I know our church isn't for everyone, but days like yesterday make that hard to remember! If you weren't here, drop a request to our church office and we'll get you a DVD of the service.

- This will be the last week of our "I LOVE MY CHURCH" series. I don't when I've enjoyed a series more than this one. If we are to reach Jacksonville for Christ, our love for Christ will be evidenced by our love for each other and our community. Pray with me toward that end!

- Welcome Ben Hooper, our newest CBC member! I've known Ben since he was in high school. His dad was a pastor in Hubbard, TX near where I was pastoring in Corsicana. Ben's grown into a fine young Christian gentleman and I'm proud he's here with us in Jacksonville and at CBC.

- A special thanks to Dan and Connie Bennett (that's them on the front row - Scooby and Daphne) who hosted a costume party Saturday night. I've only been to a couple of them in my life, and to be honest I was dragging my feet on this one, but it was awesome! A frightening sight, aren't we?

- Thanks to each of you who came to the "Empty Bowl" Luncheon yesterday at the Activity Center downtown. The turnout was awesome! They asked several local celebrities to paint an empty bowl, sign it, and let them auction it off. I don't know how much money was raised for the HOPE center (a ministry I dearly love!), but I know that my mug went for more than the $75 I bid! All I wanted to stay close to the price Micah Hoffpaiur's (member of the Chicago Cubs baseball team) mug went for and it was at $80 when I left. After all, he's a REAL celebrity! Of course, both of us were left in the dust of Actor Patrick "Dr McDreamy" Dempsey who apparently has a home in our area and Country music singer Neal McCoy.

- Congrats to our Jacksonville Indian Football team who won again last Friday. We'll play Friday night at the Tomato Bowl in the final game of the regular season against Lindale. The winner gets the District 14-4A Championship. As I understand it, we're in the playoffs - it's just a matter of who we'll play and where. Nice job fellas!

- On a non-J-ville note, I'm sad to say Six Flags Over Texas has closed one of my most favorite rides, the Texas Giant. It was built while I was in college, so to see it close is especially sad for me. Plus, I can actually fit onto that ride! They'll be replacing it in the 2011 season, but it's bone-jarring turns and kidney-punching drops will be missed. The Dallas Morning News did a short piece on it. Find it here.


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