I'm an outlaw

The Manhattan Declaration
I did something today I never thought I would - I signed a document declaring that I would be openly and civilly disobedient to the laws that speak against (1) The sanctity of human life (2) The re-definition of marriage and (3) the rights of conscience and liberty. The document is called the Manhattan Declaration. Read more about it (or sign it yourself) here. I've never been a political machine on any level, but I've grown weary of being told what and how I may speak to issues. For example, every so often, I get what I call a "threat letter" from a group like the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (what they REALLY mean is they are trying to FORCE the separation of church and state). These letters usually warn me against speaking to any political issue or candidate, no matter the grounds from which the issue springs. If I speak out and get caught (not terribly hard given we're on the radio and TV!), my church will lose our non-profit status. I've never really worried about it, but it's become clear in the last few years that I should. Not in fear mind you - rather in the realization that we are far from home. We're just passing through in bodies that weren't meant for us to keep forever (2 Corinthians 5). The Manhattan Declaration was written for those same reasons. There can only be ONE final authority. For me, that authority is God himself, expressed through His word. If there's a principle that violates the character or God or His word, I'll speak against. Not in anger, but definitely with clarity. I'd rather agree with God on issues than have men's applause. Consider signing the document. Consider being a part of the solution instead of just a bystander.


Tim G said…
I did the same! Oh that people would follow through!

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