Sunday night reflections

Just home from church tonight but I'm far from tired even though I feel awful! (I hate sinus stuff! They've been draining all day!) I live for Sundays, but there are some that are bigger than others! This one counts as one of those!

- I was all set to close out the service this morning, when Anna Jacobson came down to tell us she had invited Christ to be her Lord! Nothing gives a pastor more joy than to see someone proclaim Christ as their Lord! That NEVER gets old! Rock on Anna! We'll baptize her soon!

- After worship this morning, Julie and I had lunch with Randall and Suzanne Cooper at Jalapeno Tree - once I found them! I had a couple of meetings after church so they told me to catch up with them there. The only problem was they didn't tell me where "there" was! Makes a body feel unwelcome! I finally did find them after I went to Chilis and then to Posados!

- Tonight's service was our vote on our Vision 33. Our Long Range Plan Committee has worked long and hard to prepare and present this plan. Our vote was 122-3 in favor of the plan! Some days are bigger than others and this one is among them!

- So now, our attention turns to the next step - we'll be back with you soon on the next step soon!


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