My Requim for Firefox

Once upon a time, I was introduced to Mozilla Firefox - the little web browser that could.  I've always been drawn to the underdog and to open source software.  I'd been using Netscape for a long time to avoid Explorer.  I think the first Firefox I downloaded was 2.0.  As I write this, I'm using version 27.0.1 (and it's waiting to update itself).  As of today, however, I'm ceasing use of Mozilla (and I invite you to do the same).  I'm sure they'll be impressed and upset.  I've downloaded Google Chrome and am actually going so far as to delete Firefox altogether.  Why?  Because of their decision to force out Brandon Eich, one of their founders and the CEO.  It wasn't because of anything he had done as a professional or as CEO.  That would be understandable.  Under pressure from outside groups demanding "diversity", they forced him out because of a measly $1,000 donation made 6 years ago in defense of the traditional view of marriage.  After all, we can't have radicals like that roaming the streets, can we? (snarky snort). 
Thus, here are my two primary reasons for ditching Firefox, one theological the other patriotic.
(1) Theologically speaking, I agree with Mr. Eich.  If marriage can't be defined by the Bible then it will be defined elsewhere.  If it will be defined elsewhere, it will be defined by the loudest or most ardent voices in the room.  If that happens, marriage can (and will) mean almost anything.  Marry your sister?  Why not?  Marry your dog?  Sure!  Marry your friends - all four of them?  Of course!  Theologically speaking, the Bible is clear.  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  By way of clarity, that doesn't mean we're to abuse those who disagree.  With love, grace and gentleness, we're called to love those who oppose us and to treat them with the same generosity Jesus showed.  But we are not called to surrender our convictions in the name of "getting along."  Once begun, such a slide is tough to stop.
(2) Patriotically, whatever happened to the First Amendment?  Mr. Eich wasn't using company time or money.  It was his money and his time.  Furthermore, in 2008, President Obama agreed with Mr Eich!  If we're going to use a standard, let's use it everywhere!  The President should resign too!  And anyone else who thought that in 2008!  Instead, a double-standard is in place.  One for those inside the club and another for those outside.  Those outside the club must be punished for their "intolerance."  Those who use that term have so thoroughly distorted its meaning as to make the word itself complete nonsense.  (for a great treatment of this, see D A Carson's work "The Intolerance of Tolerance.")
Before you email me and tell me of the evils of Google, let me tell you I already know.  The same for those who will write me about the evils of my beloved Apple computers.  I know.  There are no perfect corporations because they are led by imperfect people.  But a revolution must begin somewhere.  For me, I'm choosing here.  Farewell Firefox - it's been a great journey and I'll miss you.  But not that much.


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