Baptizing my son

It's July 8th.  Before day, there's been nothing really spectacular about that day.  But there is now.  Seven years ago, when Josh was born, I began praying for today, asking that my son would some day come to love Jesus and want to serve Him.  I have never prayed for the Lord to call Josh into ministry but I pray for him to love the Lord and want to serve him using whatever skills he has.  My prayers for his salvation were answered and now for his baptism!  What a great kid! 

I was asked - after the baptism - how I held my composure on such a big day at such a big moment.  Two things helped - (1) Although I've baptized many people in 20 years of being a pastor, I spent time rehearsing because I knew this was no ordinary baptism.  I didn't trust my emotions.  I was concerned they would run away with me.  So I rehearsed a speech I've given hundreds of times.  It wasn't that I didn't know what to say or how to say it.  I just had never used it on my own son.  (2) His enthusiasm!  He was so excited for the day!

This is a day I want to long remember and one that I want my son to remember as well.  May God guide him as he grows into the man God has called him to be. 


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