Home on a rainy Saturday

I'm home today, alas all alone. Julie and her parents have gone to visit her grandfather in Rogers, Arkansas. He's been in poor health, so I'm glad she could go but I still hate it when she's gone. Enough of that. . .we spent the day yesterday seeking an elusive find - a new couch. We were the recipients of an anonymous gift to purchase a new couch. We must've looked at a 1,000. Who would've thought sitting down could wear you out? Comparing how this one feels vs how this one feels. "I like the squishiness of this one, but I like the fabric of that one!" I gotta say, if it were up to me, we would've bought one of the first ones we saw but my wise and gifted wife knows better. She's planning to live with this for some time, so she's taking her time. Good - when she's happy, it certainly makes life happier in general. So take your time darling!


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