Something to hang your hat on

Clearly, I believe in ministry and how God can and will use each of us. How did I come to believe that? By seeing the power of God flow through my life. When I was in high school and in college, the Lord provided opportunities for me to go on mission trips. My home church took one annually to Brownsville, TX and Matamoras, Mexico. When I arrived at college, we took trips to Belize in Central America and did missions in the Dallas area. Through these (and others) I saw the Lord's power, glory and strength. As a result, I was permanently changed. Now, I'm in a position to help others find that same footing. A ministry that helps people experience the sort of excitement and passion I did. Meet IWITNESS MINISTRIES. Founded by some friends of mine, this ministry is no stranger to many of us in Frankston. Caleb Hilburn has gone the last two summers (and is going again this summer!) with this ministry. We'll talk more about their work later, but for now, please mark down to pray for their work and pray for the protection of the students who are traveling this summer.


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