Vacation Bible School started today. Ahhh yes, the joys of VBS - esp the first day. Our administrators and teachers had it all together. Even when the rain began to fall, we were ready! Stile Denton (or as I shall hereafter refer to him "The Prophet") had the foresight to rent a bounce house for the week from our bounce house guy, Tony from FunJump. We kept it set up in the gym. When the rains came, all we did was change locations for recreation. All in all, it was an amazing first day. It only gets better from here!
Kudos also the Kayne Parrish who took all our video and photographs today. He had to pull double duty today since we discovered this afternoon the deadline for youth camp is upon us! We got ourselves together and took care of it!
Hopefully, I'll get back to a regular pattern of posting soon - much is on my mind to visit with you about!


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